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What is a Diorama?

A diorama is a type of model that shows human figures, vehicles, animals or even imaginary beings, presented within an environment and with the purpose of representing a scene. It is intended to represent a real world scene on a much smaller scale with all its details, colours and textures. It can also be said that school models such as solar system models, DNA models, solar system models, volcanoes and cell models can be called dioramas.

Dioramas are related to DIY (Do it Yourself), and you can also buy kits to assemble them. They are usually handmade by professionals, although you can buy some kits where you get some parts or accessories to start with, but most of them you have to do it yourself. The painting is a very important part, you need patience and a lot of detail. In this page you can see some of those kits to assemble. Diorama shop CLICK HERE.

It is sometimes placed in front of a background painted to simulate a real environment, and can be completed with lighting effects. They can represent images of nature, cities, historical events, battles… either for educational or entertainment purposes. The dioramas made by professionals can take more than 1 month to finish, because of the many details they require.

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Where does the diorama come from?

It was invented in 1781 by Philippe Jacques de Loutherbour in London, considered as an alternative to the famous «Panoramas». Although Philippe Jacques was the inventor, the term was coined by Louis Daguerre in 1822 for a type of rotating display. It was popularised in the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Frank Chapman, an associate of the American Museum of Natural History.

The dioramas were large murals with transparent canvases painted with opaque or translucent paints, which impressed people with the different landscapes, dimensions and the three-dimensional effect that the room acquired. The spectators entered a dark room with a stage where only half of the mural or diorama was visible. The show lasted approximately 15 minutes, after which the stage would turn around to reveal the other half of the painting to the spectators.

Diorama models: Dioramas are undoubtedly a space in history that marks a before and after, so diorama models will not miss the opportunity to represent those incredible moments.

Types of dioramas

There are several types of dioramas:

-Open dioramas: They are prepared to be observed from different points of view.

-Box dioramas: They are mounted inside a box of variable dimensions and generally have lateral surfaces and a backdrop painted on the sides and back, which serves as an environment for the figures that are represented.

-Book dioramas: These are mounted flat as if they were the pages of a book, but when opened, the mounted figures protrude out of the background. Some Christmas cards and other motifs are mounted in this way, so that when they are opened, the figures that are prepared for them project out of the plane.

If you want to start with something easy, before buying a model with lots of details to put together, we recommend that you first buy a 3D puzzle to test your assembly and reasoning skills. You can see all the 3D puzzles HERE. And if you want something easier, we recommend you to start with a wooden model that you just have to put the pieces together without gluing the pieces or painting, you can see the wooden models HERE. is your modelling shop

Once you have a clear idea of the type of model you want to make, you will be able to find all the articles you need at at a good price with secure online shopping. In addition to models, you can find special tools to help you in the world of Diorama. Even accessories such as scale trees or lighting for models.

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